How to use 1001fx App based on the invitation link

Out 1001fx app is currently in review on You can already use it by following steps.

  1. Open this link url
  2. Click on 'Install'
  3. Select your organization
  4. Click on 'Finish Wizard'
  5. Add a new scenario and add a node by typing '1001fx' in the node's search field
  6. Select 1001fx and browse our functions

How to use 1001fx with Make's HTTP Module

Calling our api via make HTTP module is very easy. Please follow these instructions.

  1. Add a Http module to your scenario
  2. Select 'Make an API Key Auth request'
  3. Select your 1001fx credentials or add your credentials 'X-API-KEY' and fill in 'key' your secret api key from dashboard to a new credential setup.
  4. Enter the URL to send the request to the function '' e.g.
  5. Select the POST as method
  6. Set body type to 'Raw'
  7. Set content type to 'JSON (application/json)'
  8. Select the POST as method
  9. Fill in the request content (e.g. {{"name":"Alice"}})
  10. Set parse response if you need it for further steps
  11. Run the module for testing