Please find below some general hints

Date and time formats

1001fx is a global service. Unfortunately, date and time formats vary depending on your location.
The date formats we support follow formats:

  • Global formats "DD.MM.YY" / "DD.MM.YYYY". This means: 2 day digits, 2 month digits and 2/4 year digits
  • US formats "MM-DD-YYYY" / "MM-DD-YY". This means: 2 month digits, 2 day digits and 2/4 year digits
Use our function datetime/formatdatetime to convert other date formats into the supported.
The time format we support follows the "HH:MM" format. This means: 2 hour digits and 2 minute digits. We support the 24h format only.

Case sensitivity

Please keep in mind, that using the API requires to keep the api key name X-API-KEY in uppercase.
All variable and functions are lowercase


The following dimensions apply:

  • File upload maximal size: 20 MB
  • Image max dimenstion (width and height): 10.000px

General Testing

You can test the general function call without any charge by using the functionsplayground/hello and playground/hellofiles

Rate Limited API Access

To protect our servers against denial of service attacks, our api uses a rate limiter. This may also effect your call if you have created an loop or recursion.

Server times

Please note that some features run on our servers or third party servers. For example, if you want to download all invoices for a particular month from Stripe, you will need to ensure that you choose the right time to meet your requirements.

Service Providers

Some of our services are provided by third party service providers. Please note that all data for your function call will be transmitted to the service provider. See also the GDPR statement.


The use of 1001fx function is charged on a credit basis. There are two options, by "call" or by "item". By call means that each function execution is charged on a call basis. By "item" means that each function is charged by the number of items processed within the function. If your account does not have sufficient funds, the execution will be denied. See also the dashboard.