Bubble - How to use 1001fx

How to use 1001fx with Bubble's API Connector

Calling our api via Bubble's API Connector is very easy. Please follow these instructions.

  1. Add the Bubble API Connector
  2. Open the installed plugins section
  3. Click on Add another API
  4. Set Name to '1001fx'
  5. Set Authentication to 'Private key in header'
  6. Set Key Name to 'X-API-KEY'
  7. Set Key Value to 'YOURSECRETAPIKEY' from dashboard
  8. Click on Add another Call
  9. Select the POST as method
  10. Enter the URL to send the request to the function 'https://api.1001fx.com/GROUP/FX' e.g. https://api.1001fx.com/playground/hello
  11. Select the Body type 'JSON'
  12. Add parameters key and value (e.g. name and 'Alice')
  13. Initialize the call

How to use 1001fx native platform integration