Power Automate - How to use 1001fx

How to use 1001fx with Power Automate

Calling our api via Power Automate Connector is very easy but you need a premium licence of Power Automate. Please follow these instructions.

  1. Add a powerautomate flow
  2. Create a trigger (e.g. manual)
  3. Add HTTP Action
  4. Select the POST as method
  5. Enter the URI to send the request to the function 'https://api.1001fx.com/GROUP/FX' e.g. https://api.1001fx.com/playground/hello
  6. Set header X-API-KEY and the value to 'YOURSECRETAPIKEY' from dashboard
  7. Set body to your data (e.g. {{"name":"Alice"}})

How to use 1001fx native platform integration