N8N - How to use 1001fx

How to use 1001fx with n8n's HTTP Request node

Calling our api via HTTP Request node in n8n is very easy. Please follow these instructions.

Before Usage: One time setup of API credentials on n8n

Before you call our api for the first time do the following steps:

  1. Open Credentials in n8n
  2. Press Add Credential
  3. Add a Header Auth account
  4. Change name e.g. "1001fxHeaderAuth"
  5. Change Name in Connection to X-API-KEY (all uppercase)
  6. Fill in your secret api key from dashboard
  7. Press Save

Call the function

  1. Add a HTTP Request node
  2. Select the method of the function you would like to call. (normally POST)
  3. Enter the url 'https://api.1001fx.com/GROUP/FX' (see the URL in the function REST, e.g.demo/hello)
  4. Set Authentication to Generic Credential Type
  5. Set Generic Auth Type to Header Auth
  6. Set Predefined Credential Type to Header Auth
  7. Set Credential for Header Auth to the name you have chosen, e.g. 1001fxHeaderAuth
  8. Activate Body
  9. Fill in Body
  10. Execute the node

How to use 1001fx as native platform integrations